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“Mountain Blooms” Garden Tour

       June 19, 2021

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Our Roots

The Lyons Garden Club was formed in 2008 by three local women, Ann O’Brien, Sue Wratten and Joycelyn Fankhouser, who wanted to beautify the town of Lyons, Colorado through the power of flowers.  They first began with a prominent spot in town known as the Mushroom Planter (since renamed to the Butterfly Planter).  These intrepid women cleaned up the planter and enhanced it with plants from their own gardens.  From this humble beginning, the Lyons Garden Club has quickly grown in size and has since transformed many of the public garden areas in the town of Lyons.

The Lyons Garden Club is a volunteer organization and we rely on donated time, effort, and funds from our community.  We have applied for and received grants from both the Lyons Community Foundation and the Colorado Garden Show, Inc.  Additionally, we run a yearly fundraiser, the Chili Cookoff, in October in conjunction with the town of Lyons' Halloween Parade.

Our Mission Statement is "to beautify Lyons one flower at a time".  In a typical year we plant over a thousand daffodil bulbs along the primary traffic thoroughfare in Lyons, allowing both residents and visitors to enjoy the spring blooms.

In recognition of our efforts, in 2011 we were awarded by the Lyons Chamber of Commerce with the First Annual Spirit of Lyons Award and hope to receive similar awards in the future.


About Us

Our Mission

Promote, encourage, foster and cultivate an interest in gardening. Encourage civic beautification and roadside development, assist in projects for the conservation of natural resources, cooperate with organizations interested in horticulture and landscape design. Foster and encourage community involvement and learning. The Lyons Garden Cub is a service organization working for the beautification of Lyons.

   Our Officers

Joycelyn Fankhouser--President

Sue Wratten-Treasurer

Debbie Simms-Volunteers Coordinator

Anne Marie Mikoni-Programs Coordinator

Sara Erickson-Publicity Coordinator


Our Gardens

The Lyons Garden Club maintains the Butterfly Garden the West Wall (Where the Bears Reside) and the Berm. Each spring we meet to plant new flowers and clean up from winter. Our gardens have many native plants and plants well adapted to the dry Colorado climate. We also bring plants from our own gardens and reseed wherever we can. All summer long we meet to weed, deadhead, transplant and add new features. Every fall we hold a seed exchange from the club gardens and our own gardens. Every winter we rest and await spring.

West Wall

Butterfly Garden

The Berm


Our Perennial Members

Those Who Come Back Year After Year

Joycelyn Fankhouser

Sue Wratten

Debbie Simms

Annemarie Mikoni

Beth Smith

Jeanne Moore

Sara Erickson

Teresa Pennington


What We Do

We Build

We Help Our Neighbors

We Dig

We Plant Flowers, Beautiful Flowers

We Weed

We Water

We Have Fun

We Love Lyons


Contact Us




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