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We embrace all individuals, families, and companies who want to help us work toward our mission of beautifying Lyons one flower at a time.  Whether you want to become a member, attend our fundraising events, or contribute financially, we welcome you to Dig In!


Join our Weekly Public Gardening Sessions

Join us during any of our weekly public gardening sessions (even if it's just part of the hour!), where we clean up and beautify Lyons' community gardens. During these gatherings we weed, discuss new plants we'd like to add, spread seeds, and plant.

We typically garden at one or more of the 3 public gardens that we maintain on High Street (The West Wall/3 Bears Garden, The Butterfly Garden, or the High Street Terrace) all near Moxie.

How do these sessions work?

  1. You simply show up to get your hands a little dirty!

  2. You make new gardening friends here in Lyons (and officially become a member of the Lyons Garden Club by showing up!)

  3. You pull some weeds, dig some dirt, move some rocks, and plant some plants. You only have to the types of gardening tasks you like to do, and are capable of doing!

  4. We often meet up at Moxie or another establishment after for those who want to socialize a bit.​

What should you bring?

  • You!

  • Sun protection (hats, sun-blocking clothes, sunscreen)

  • Gardening gloves if you like to wear them

  • Tools you like to use (hand tools, buckets, etc.) - optional but appreciated!

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Volunteer with Us

We often get asked "How do I become a member of the Lyons Garden Club?"  Well, you simply volunteer!  Click below to see meetups and volunteer events on our Facebook page.


Or fill out the form below to be added to our email list for other upcoming volunteer opportunities including planting days, events, and more.


Join our Events

We host one or more fundraising events every year.  Whether you want to enjoy events as a participant, a sponsor, volunteer, or even help us host events, there's a role for everyone!


Click to learn more about our annual events.  Or, fill out the form below or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this site and you'll be added to our mailing list to receive news for upcoming events.

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Donate to our Mission

We invite you to donate to Lyons Garden Club and help us continue our mission of making Lyons more beautiful, one flower at a time. We have also received many generous donations of plants, seeds, bulbs, and other supplies.


If you'd like to donate, you can contribute through our Venmo account by clicking the button.  Or you're welcome to fill out the Get in Touch form below and we will respond with additional info on where to send your donation.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our gardens, volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, or community projects

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