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Projects We Fund


Community engagement is of key importance to the Lyons Garden Club. We have supported numerous organizations in Lyons and various Town of Lyons projects. Each year we identify a project or two and use our resources to support the project. Below is a list of some, but not all of the projects we have proudly sponsored over the years.

Library planters 2.jpg

Library Planters

In June 2020, Lyons Garden Club purchased and planted annuals in the new planters at the Lyons Regional Library. Lyons Garden Club members donned their masks and dug in to create bright splashes of color to the entry of the library.

Botanic Garden Bench

Lyons Garden Club sourced, engraved, and donated a bench to the Rocky Mountain Botanic Garden. Lyons Garden Club supports the vision of this unique and beautiful project. Take time to visit this garden, located at the west end of Bohn Park.

Lyons Sr High.webp

School Sign Planting

Lyons Garden Club has a long relationship with Lyons Schools. Members of Lyons Leos, a high school service organization, frequently join us for projects. In 2016, Lyons Garden Club members and students joined together to plant perennials at the high school/middle school sign.

Garden to Garden

The Garden to Garden Plant Distribution was held on 5/31/2014 to benefit those who lost their plants and gardens to the devastating flood that hit Lyons in 2013.  It was a wonderful way to help out flood victims bring life and color back to their damaged landscapes.

Flood victims were allotted a stipend from the Lyons Garden Club and Gwynne's Greenhouse gave a special discounted price for purchasing new plants for their homes. Lyons Garden Club made recommendations and also did some design work for the new gardens for the flood victims.

Garden to Garden.webp

Plant it Forward

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and boy, was the flood of September 2013 a challenge for the entire community of Lyons.  In the spring following the flood, Lyons Garden Club organized the Plant It Forward project to assist residents whose gardens had been impacted by the flood. Residents who contacted us were given plants from our own gardens, donated plants from nurseries in the area and gift cards to Gwynne's Greenhouse, with most of the donated plants coming from members of the Boulder Garden Club.  Many thanks to Gwynne for her help and support in this project. We miss you, Gwynne.

Main Street Gardens

From 2008-2017, members and volunteers worked to plant and beautify the beds along Main St. Business owners pitched in and together we transformed the beds into exquisite displays of annuals and perennials.

Main Street Gardens.webp
high street pots.jpg

High Street Pots

Every spring from 2008-2017, members and volunteers would mark the planting of the High Street planters. We would bring our trowels and gloves, grab a cup of coffee from the Stone Cup and plant annuals to add color and beauty along High St. All summer long, members and volunteers watered the pots to maintain the charm and sparkle of the blooms.

Welcome to Lyons Sign

This immense sign with its bold colors and lively planting is just about the first thing you see upon entering Lyons. Lyons Garden Club initiated the planting of perennials and annuals to beautify and add color to the beds surrounding the sign. Lyons Garden Club maintained the beds until the Town of Lyons took over the planting and maintenance.

welcome 1.jpg
Adopt a Garden.webp

Adopt a Garden

This program gave volunteers an opportunity to plant and maintain planters around town, which included the large planter at the Visitor Center. The Gardening Mamas, who along with their children, maintained this planter for many years. Through this project, they were able to teach and model for the children the love of plants and gardening.


And help us beautify Lyons, Colorado one flower at a time.

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