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Gardens We Maintain 

The Lyons Garden Club maintains the Butterfly Garden, the West Wall (Where the Bears Reside) and the Berm. Each spring we meet to plant new flowers and clean up from winter. Our gardens have many native plants well adapted to the dry Colorado climate. We also bring plants from our own gardens and reseed wherever we can. All summer long we meet to weed, deadhead, transplant and add new features. Every fall we hold a seed exchange from the club gardens and our own gardens. Every winter we rest and await spring.

west wall_edited.jpg

West Wall
(3 Bears)

Just west of Moxie's new location, on the north corner of High Street and Hwy 36, the West Wall, best known as the 3 Bears Garden, is continuously planned, planted, and maintained by the Lyons Garden Club.  


The West Wall was our second "big project" begun in 2010, with a grant from The Colorado Garden Show, Inc. This area is owned by CDOT, and we applied for permission to change that area into the garden it is today, including a water supplied from the Town of Lyons.

You'll find lots of local flora in these beds, in addition to the three bears sculptures from renowned artist Sally King.

butterfly garden.webp

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is situated directly across from the West Wall, on the south side of where High St. meets Hwy 36.  


The Butterfly planter was our very first garden, begun in 2008 with plants from the homes of 3 original members, Sue Wratten, Anne O'Brien and Jocelyn Fankhouser.

In addition to a variety of flowers, bulbs, stone features, and an emerging butterfly, this garden includes a sculpture placed by the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission.


High Street Terrace

The High Street Terrace is a hidden respite on High Street situated just east of the Butterfly Garden, between Sandstone Cyclery and Lyons Physical Therapy (and behind the historic dynamite shelter).

Featuring locally-sourced and crafted stone benches, tree-shaded seating, and a piece of movement art, we plant and care for beautiful flowers and shrubs in this pocket garden.


And help us beautify Lyons, Colorado one flower at a time.

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